Elect Durin B. Rogers for Batavia City Court Judge

Want To Vote,
But Can’t Get Out?

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Voters:

By now you should have received my letter introducing myself, my family, and have a better understanding of who I am and my qualifications for Batavia City Court Judge. I have visited many of you at your residences and others at your residence building or apartments.  Many of you voiced your concern of being unable to make it to the polling place to vote in the NOVEMBER 5, 2019 ELECTION and wished you could vote by Absentee Ballot instead.

After considering this information, we wanted to find a way to help. Our website www.electjudgerogers.com has links to our local Board of Elections to request an absentee ballot for the NOVEMBER 5TH GENERAL ELECTION (those links are also noted below this letter).  If you are interested in receiving an absentee ballot, all you have to do is contact the Board of Elections and they will send an application with envelope to your home. Fill out the application per the instructions, place the application in the envelope, and mail it back to the Genesee County Board of Elections. The Board of Elections will then mail the ballot directly to you or to the person you designate in the application. If you wish, you may also contact our Committee and we would be glad to assist you.  Please know that this year you may also choose to participate in Early Voting.  Those dates and locations are also noted below. 

When you receive your Absentee Ballot, I would ask that you think of me and my qualifications as an experienced judge and attorney. I bring knowledge, integrity and fairness to this position. Every VOTE counts and I would be honored to serve as your next full-time Batavia City Court Judge. I humbly ask for your support during this election season and for your VOTE on Election Day NOVEMBER 5TH 2019.


Durin B. Rogers
Batavia City Court Judge


“Early Voting” Information

The Genesee County Board of Elections has designated its Early Voting Poll Site to be located at County Building Two, 3837 W. Main St. Rd., Batavia.  Dates & hours for 2019 will be as follows:

Saturday, October 26          12pm-5pm

Sunday, October 27             12pm-5pm

Monday, October 2               9am-5pm

Tuesday, October 29            9am-5pm

Wednesday, October 30     12pm-8pm

Thursday, October 31         12pm-8pm

Friday, November 1             9am-5pm

Saturday, November 2        12pm-5pm

Sunday, November 3          12pm-5pm 

Voting Information for Genesee County

Visit the Gennessee County Board of Elections Website for voting information including Absentee Ballots, Polling Locations, etc.