Elect Durin B. Rogers for Batavia City Court Judge



“In my opinion, there is no better man for this position. Durin is empathetic, fair, and compassionate. For years this man has been a servant. He is in the prime of his sterling career, and strives to be the best at what he does. Others are looking for a hobby or busy work, but Durin is looking to serve.”  Jeff McIntire  

“I couldn't think of a better individual to represent our city. I have known Durin for many years and had the pleasure of coaching youth sports alongside him. He is very down to earth, he cares a great deal about our community and our youth, and above all else, he is fair and unbiased. Batavia would be extremely lucky to have Durin in this honored position! “ Dan Bartz  

Pictured:  Judge Durin Rogers and Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer

This coming Nov. 5 you have an opportunity to elect a Batavia City Court Judge with proven judicial experience, integrity, judicial temperament and commitment to the community,” Ranzenhofer said in a news release. “It is for these reasons that I proudly support Hon. Durin B. Rogers in his effort to become your next full-time Batavia City Court Judge. I have known Judge Rogers for many years now as an attorney and colleague practicing law throughout the GLOW region and most recently as Judge of the Batavia City Court. He is well respected on and off the bench and I have had the opportunity to appear in front of Judge Rogers on the bench and opposite him as Deputy County Attorney for Genesee County. I found Judge Rogers’ approach in both capacities to be professional, knowledgeable, reasonable and fair.”  Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer

“Durin is an honest fair man and has served this community so well over the years. He would make an amazing city court judge!” Carrie Richards  

Durin is an incredible choice for Batavia City Court Judge. He is honest, caring, smart and will make a difference in the community. Durin is an amazing husband and father, Batavia will be lucky to have him as Judge Rogers.” Kathleen Ford Catalano

He will make Batavia Safe! Great man, top notch judge, godly heart! Long term commitment to the position. Vote for Judge Rogers!” Hubert Willard 

Durin is the most decent, fair and jurisprudent candidate on this slate! He has my endorsement and my strong support.” Richard Dunn 

Pictured:  William R. Joyce, Director of the Genesee County Veterans Services and Judge Rogers

“As the Director of the Genesee County Veterans Service Agency, I participate in the Veterans Treatment Court and I have seen Judge Rogers approach on the bench.  Judge Rogers always appears to be just, fair and balanced, unbiased and impartial.  His demeanor is perfect for the position.  Judge Rogers always thanks every veteran for their service…is always on time and this is extremely important to those appearing before the bench…I have experienced Judge Rogers handling cases in Veterans Court with knowledge, fairness, compassion and an open mind.  Judge Rogers does not rush to judgement but instead listens to all sides before rendering a decision…The Veterans appear to respond to Judge Rogers’ approach and they walk out of the courtroom with a full understanding of their responsibilities going forward.”  William R. Joyce, Director Veterans Services


Pictured: Captain James Davis, Coordinator of the S.T.A.R program; Judge Durin Rogers; and Sgt. Robert Ettinger 

“In my dealings with Judge Rogers…his knowledge of family matters within the court system has proved beneficial and supportive to the Genesee County S.T.A.R Program’s success.” In commenting on his 20 years working with Judge Rogers, Davis continued: “I have personally learned and benefited from Judge Rogers’ knowledge of the law and his extraordinary ability to deal with and relate to ALL individuals…we fully endorse his candidacy…I have no doubt that [Judge Rogers] will be welcomed as your Batavia City Court Judge and will serve the legal system and the City of Batavia with integrity and honor.” Captain James Davis, Coordinator Student Transition and Recovery Program (S.T.A.R.)

Pictured: Judge Durin Rogers with Theresa Asmus-Roth, Coordinator of the Judtice for Children Program

“I have worked with Judge Rogers in his role with the Genesee County Attorney’s Office as a part of the Justice for Children CORE team since my career in victim advocacy began in 2001.  This has given me the opportunity to witness his dedication to child victims of abuse and view him as an experienced, thoughtful, and passionate legal professional.” …  “The Batavia City Court Judge fills a crucial role in this community; a role that balances the constitutional and legal rights of a defendant against safety and justice for crime victims and the community as a whole… Judge Rogers’ decades of experience as a defense attorney, prosecutor, corporate counsel, and Judge have equipped him to excel in this position.  It is with that in mind that I endorse Judge Durin Rogers for full-time City Court Judge.” Theresa Asmus-Roth, Coordinator for Justice for Children

“Judge Rogers has the commitment, integrity, and judicial experience that our community needs. He will serve our community well!”  Cathy Lawrence Brown  

“I grew up in Batavia, and have known Durin for over 30 years! There's no one better for this position! He is one of the good guys, please vote him.”   Jennifer Tomm Petosa  


Pictured: Judge Rogers with Michael J. Connors, Troop “A” Delegate NYSPIA

“It is with great pride that we support your candidacy for City of Batavia Court Judge. For almost four (4) years, you have served on the bench…following a unanimous appointment by the Batavia City Council…During that time you have had the opportunity to handle thousands of cases, including criminal, civil, housing, drug court and Veteran’s Court; gaining valuable experience throughout… The New York State Police Investigators Associations appreciates your years of service and our membership has great confidence in your ability and foresight…we offer our full support in your candidacy…” President Christopher Quick & Troop “A” Delegate Michael J. Connors, NYSPIA

“Judge Rogers is readily available all hours of the day and night, including weekends and holidays to fulfill his responsibilities as City Court Judge.  He carried out his duties in a fair, impartial, unbiased and ethical manner…”  Sheriff William Sheron

“Judge Rogers is a fair, balanced and unbiased judge with high ethical standards.  He has a proven track record of holding offenders accountable…”. Genesee Justice Coordinator Catherine Uhly

“For 30 years I have worked for the great County of Genesee, as the Director of Clinical Services for the Department of Mental Health and as the Interim Director of Community Services; and working with Judge Rogers has been a privilege and honor….Judge Rogers is devoted to his family and a fine example of a dedicated leader. Judge Rogers has a great sense of his community and shows this through his active outside participation.  I would highly recommend Judge Rogers as your full-time Batavia City Court Judge.”  Augusta Welsh

“He is always well-prepared and the best way to describe his approach was ‘firm but fair.’  Judge Rogers possesses a superior knowledge of the law…”  Probation Director Tim Michalak

“Durin has the experience and temperament to make an excellent full time city court judge. He is a very dedicated person who acts fairly, objectively and with compassion when adjudicating cases that come before him…. I fully endorse his candidacy for this postion.”  Gary Maha, Genesee County Legislator and Genesee County Sheriff (Ret.)

“I believe Durin Rogers is the best choice for Batavia City Court Judge because of his honesty, fairness and dedication that he has shown already to Batavia.  I don’t know Durin as an Attorney or as a Judge, I know Durin as a friend. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right and is always fair and listens to all opinions.  I know Durin is dedicated to his position as Judge because I’ve been with him  when he gets called to the courthouse or when Law Enforcement Officer needs to speak with him. He gets calls in the middle of the night to be Judge and he goes to do his job because he believes in fair and timely justice.  Durin is the best candidate for Batavia City Court Judge because of his experience, dedication and commitment to the people of the City of Batavia.  Vote for Durin!”  Bill Lawrence 

“This November we have an opportunity to elect a Judge with legal and judicial experience and that person is Judge Durin Rogers.  Judge Rogers is a straight forward, honest and extremely fair judge and he has been our judge for over four years now.  He is a credit to the court system and highly regarded in the community. “   James Cackett, NYSP Investigator (Ret.)

“I’m a retired police officer as well as a sponsored competitive shooter. Public safety as well as the US Constitution are very important to me.  I’ve known Judge Durin Rogers for many years and he’s always been very thorough and very judicious when it comes to the rule of law. I fully endorse him for City of Batavia Court Judge.”  Eugene Jankowski Jr., Batavia City Council President, Batavia Police Lieutenant (Ret.), and competitive shooter.

“I recommend Judge Rogers based on my own experiences with him. He’s been dedicated to serving our community diligently and with integrity for the past 24 years. And the last four years, he’s been serving in Batavia City Court as a fair, firm and reasonable Judge. He is ethical, balanced and pragmatic. He considers all facets of the cases he hears, from both sides. In my opinion, he’s the most qualified candidate to be our next full time Batavia City Court Judge.” Carolyn Logsdon

“I highly recommend Judge Rogers. One very important quality in a Judge, and especially a City Court Judge is respect. Does he respect the people of the Community he serves? The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Judge Rogers’ stellar resume speaks for itself. Judge Rogers’ genuine respect for the voters will be apparent in the upcoming election.”  Rich Richmond

“I have known Judge Rogers for several years. He is a very honest and trustworthy person. His dedication to his family and profession is unmatched. Judge Rogers is a no nonsense judge while still having a compassionate side. He is by far the best choice for city Court judge.” Dan Utter  

“Judge Rogers is a hard-working, kind, intelligent, caring family man, neighbor, and public servant. I HIGHLY recommend him for this position.”   Katie Klehn 

“I have known Judge Rogers for many years now and he is one of the most respected people I know. He is honest, caring, kind hearted and dedicated to his family and friends. He is a wonderful, loving father and although his schedule may be incredibly busy he seems to always make time to be at sporting events for his children, to show his support I could not recommend a better person for this position.”  Nickie Fazio 

“I have known Durin Rogers for almost a decade, as an amazing father to four incredible young adults I have had the privilege of teaching, and as an upstanding member of his community. He is truly the kind of man we need in a position of judicial leadership. As a Batavia teacher for over 20 years, I offer my highest recommendation for Judge Rogers election.”   Laura Terry Tenebruso  

“I have known Judge Rogers for 13 years. I highly recommend him for full time judge. Words that best describe Durin Rogers: High Integrity, Honest, Fair, decisive, excellent role model, & strong commitment to his family & community.”  Lisa Gayle 

“Durin is an honest and straightforward person who would be an excellent city court judge!”  Danielle Lauricella Wojtaszczyk 

“Judge Rogers is a dedicated family man who is honest, knowledgeable and committed to his profession and meeting the needs of the community!” Breanna Crane  

“Durin is someone who we are proud to call a friend. Our families have been close for nearly 10 years. He is a very responsible, dedicated and caring person. He is already demonstrating the skills necessary as our part time judge and making a move to full time would be advantageous for all!”  Pamela Helsdon Preston

“Durin is a fair, honest, man of fine character. He's a wonderful family man and will benefit our community as our new judge.”  Nancy Palermo 

“I have known Judge Rogers for many years and believe him to be a fair and compassionate man. he is dedicated and detail oriented. I can't imagine a better candidate to rule on the Batavia City Court bench! “ Cheri Phillips Kolb  

“Our family would like to show our support for Durin Rogers for Batavia City Court Judge. We have known Durin and his family for over 10 years. We believe that Durin would be an outstanding judge as he is already currently serving as a part time judge. The residents of this community, we would be very fortunate and lucky to have him serving as our full time judge. Durin has served this community making fair and honest decisions while holding offenders accountable.  However, It’s not just his legal experience, it’s his personal qualities as well that would leave no room for doubt that he would be an outstanding judge. His family values and compassion puts him above the rest.  Durin’s leadership, knowledge, and passion for law exhibits that Durin is the best candidate for the office Batavia City Court Judge.Diane Mazur Hale  

As a school counselor, parent and long time personal friend I have seen Judge Rogers in many facets of life. He truly exhibits the qualities and character of someone you want on the bench keeping our children and community safe.JoAnn Hyde  

Our community would be lucky to have Judge Rogers elected. He is a great person to look up to in our community. Beth Bennion  

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